"And this is the confidence that we have toward Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us."

1 John 5:14

Committed To Prayer

Charles Spurgeon wrote, "Prayer girds human weakness with divine strength, turns human folly into Heavenly wisdom, and gives to troubled mortals the peace of God." At Faith Bible, we are seeking to foster a culture that affirms our complete dependence on a holy and sovereign God; being that we want our church to be explainable only by His power and provision as we make our requests known to Him.

At each gathering, you can expect prayer to open and close. We pray expectantly, persistently, and with gratefulness; always seeking to align ourselves with God’s will. We desire that everyone in our community remember the needs of our church body in their prayers to The Lord and ask that He may glorify Himself through our church. Below are some things that we are currently praying for as a church as well as a way to submit prayer requests to our leadership so that they may pray for and with you.

Our Specific Prayers

Prayer For Disciples

We are actively praying that our church raise up disciples who mature in faith and embrace the mandate that Christ gave His followers.

Prayer For Servants

We are actively praying that everyone in our community look to Christ's example in service to fuel their desire in meeting the needs of others by serving our local church body.

Prayer For Missions

We are actively praying for the specific needs of our missionaries and that we may send out laborers from within our own church to go into our local communities and beyond.

Prayer For Space

As a growing church, we are actively praying for the space needed to disciple and minister to all those that God has brought into our church and put in our care.

Prayer Requests

The elders of our church are commissioned to do two primary things according to scripture. That is to teach the Word of God and to pray for the saints (Acts 6:2-4). We would like to provide our church and community with a space to reach out to the elders and request prayer for specific needs. Our elders commit to raising up these requests before the Lord on your behalf and will follow-up when the opportunity presents itself.

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